Tuesday, July 19, 2005


We don't neeeeeeeed no stinkin' sleep.

Ok. Maybe we do.

Gabriel still has his days and nights very much confused. I am actually growing to dread nighttime. One friend suggested napping the whole day and staying up at night instead. Well, for a gal who has to go back to work in an alarmingly short time, this is soooo not an option. I must learn to survive a day on low sleep. Right?

Actually, I have finally convinced the little bean to sleep for 4 hours *without* me holding him. He sleeps in a wicker laundry basket. I know. The horror! It is actually a nice basket with a cloth liner, and I even add a towel wrapped in a pack-n-play sheet at the bottom for comfiness. The kid stays asleep happily for FOUR HOURS. Did I mention that? Four hours. Bliss. Anyway, I have evaluated the setup backwards and forwards, and I just can't come up with a scenario where he hurts himself or suffocates, so for now- basket it is. We are taking a trip this coming weekend and I am not lugging that heavy P-n-P along- we're toting a basket!

Of course, as soon as he grows a little more, this will not be an option. (Note to self- go shopping NOW to find a bigger basket).

Oh, and I found out from my MIL that my husband loved to sleep in a laundry basket when he was young. Guess it's in the genes (jeans- ha!).

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That one chick said...

Just happened to stumble on your site, that is too cute! My daughter was the same way when she was first born hated to sleep in anything but this comfy laundry basket we hadm nice to see she's not the only kid out there like that,lol.