Sunday, July 10, 2005

Four weeks and counting

I will be back to work in a little over four weeks. Not the kind of thing I want to be contemplating right now, but I really don't have much of a choice. We need both incomes, and I happen to be the primary breadwinner. So, the reality of life sets in...

We have been on our employer's waiting list for daycare for almost a year and a half. We were told at the beginning that we needed about that much time for a part-time slot, which is what we are seeking (my mom will watch Gabe the rest of the time). Well, I called this past Thursday to see when said slot might open. After a look in the computer, I was told that I would not, in fact, be getting a slot this fall. They had filled the infant rooms and would not be accepting other people. When inquiring as to when I might be able to get a part time spot, I was told "next summer." Ok, so it has now become a two-year wait for part time care (and this, we were told, was the shorter list).

After a moment of panic, I picked up the phone and called the day care center a stone's throw from our house. I had heard that it was nice, but we had opted to seek care closer to work as it sometimes takes us a long time to commute (traffic dependent). Surprisingly, this day care had an opening in the infant room, so I set up an appointment to see the facility the next day. Overall, it looked pretty good and was comparable to the original place with one major exception- they were actually accommodating and nice to the parents. I don't mean that the original place was not nice because of us not getting a spot. Hardly. They are rigid beyond belief about drop off, pick up, and a host of other issues. This new place seems to care that parents are people, too.

We are still deciding for sure, but this one looks good.

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