Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm back!

In all honesty, I returned last week, but things have been a little hectic, to say the least. Not that I have been alone, mind you. Things have certainly been stirring up in the blog community. Before I can be considered too rude a fellow blogger, I must offer the following good wishes:

To Julie on the surprise arrival of little Charlie, who is thankfully now home.

Double blessings came to Tertia on the arrival of Kate and Adam. Please send a little prayer to Adam as he stays a while in the NICU. Kate is home with mom.

A big ol' sloppy one to Jo, who seems to have gotten herself knockered up.

Best wishes to Sherry, who, of course, had to one-up us other infertile preggos and is carrying twins.

A quiet, whispered NBHHY-type wish to Grrl and Sarah.

A salute to Lobster Girl and her little swimmerette.

And, a hearty HURRAH to Karen on having survived not one, but two homestudy visits in as many days. One step closer to Maya!

I know that a few others have things "brewing," and I send them many fertile thoughts as they go under the needle.

I'll write a post on our travels soon- Happy New Year y'all!

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sherry said...

So glad you're back!