Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Beyond the obvious fact that I've not posted here for two months (I think that's a new record for me), suffice it to say that I've been crazy busy with work and life and such. But I wanted to share a quick tidbit from the mouths of babes (specifically Mr. Moo):

Mr.Moo: Mommy? Who picked you?

Me: Picked me? For what?

Mr.Moo: Who picked you?

{this went back and forth about a half dozen times...skipping ahead}

Mr.Moo: Who picked you and Daddy to take care of me and Boudica?

Me: {stunned}

I wasn't really expecting a question like that, and I'm not quite sure why it was on his mind. I did answer him by saying that taking care of him and his sister was a very special job and that God had decided we could do it. I'm actually not quite sure what else I would have said, either. It's not that I'm defending using the "God answer" to the question, because we go to church and all (even if I don't talk about it very much on the blog). It's more that I always seem to find a way to put in more than one view. For example, when he asked about who made his body and how did it get here, I was able to combine the spiritual with the scientific for what, to me, was a more well-rounded answer. This time, even though I believe fully that having Mr. Moo and Boudica in my life is a miracle, part of me still wanted to spin some science into the story.

Have any of you been dealing with the deep philsophical stuff yet, or am I raising my own little Aristotle?

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