Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hola. ¿Como esta?

Why is it that when you have a few relatively innocuous events coming up, they always seem to rally together into the Horrific Week of Doom? I mean it. I will have weeks go by with not much going on (of substance, that is; I always have something going on in general). Then, all of a sudden, it seems that every event that requires a personal action from me and works on a firm deadline is happening at the same exact moment. And then my head explodes.

This week has been one of those cosmic intersections.

Last weekend I worked on gathering, hanging, and pressing clothes for the upcoming consignment sale in which I will be participating. I shopped there last spring and thought I would give consigning a try come fall. You would think that I might have accomplished a lot of the clothing-related work ahead of time. Or not. I entered as much as I could into a spreadsheet knowing that I would have time during the week (cue foreshadowing).

Monday was a loss for getting any of that work done because I had to go straight from work to chorus rehearsal, and since we are Nashville Bound (Hi, Jo!) in October, we don’t actually get done until after 10pm. It makes for a long day. Plus, earlier in the day I added two new specimens to my biopsied moles collection. Just one more stamp on my Frequent Dysplastic Nevi* card, and I get a free bottle of sunscreen, SPF 500!

Tuesday night ended up hosting a much-needed haircut. To give you an idea of how overdue I was for a “trim,” there was more hair on the floor than she left on my head. That’s ok; Wednesday night will work for database entry (dun dun daaaaaaaaaaa).

We did have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday night at 7:30 to meet Boudica’s new teachers** at our house, but 7:30 turned into 8:00 and then into 8:30. To their credit, the teachers called, which can undo many wrongs when one is running late. (Learn from this you who are chronically late! Pick up the phone.) Anyway, the meeting went well, the teachers are fabulous, and most importantly, Boudica didn’t run away from them. Progress! But, with the late time and the kids now wired instead of tired, the night went on for a very long time. But there is always Thursday.

Tonight we will be attending a potluck at the kids’ new school. Kind of a “welcome back” type meal, except that since we are new, it’s just “welcome.” I made my famous chicken spread (if you’re really nice, I’ll share the painfully difficult manageable sinfully easy recipe on the blog). I have already warned Mr. D that when we get home I have to finish up the clothing stuff. Because, well, tonight is the last night to enter my goods on the computer. Period. Yeah.

Tomorrow night I get to start working on the transition for my Savvy Blog (we are all getting a brand new shiny format that rocks!). I have promised all of my changes by Sunday (promises made prior to realizing this was a bad week).

Saturday I will be helping to run a fundraiser for my chorus for the bulk of the day. Then, I will need to actually TAG the consignment items (after going out to get some tags).

Sunday, I have to drop of the consignment stuff, label it onsite (standard, not because I am lame and busy), and then finish up any last-minute school stuff. Sunday night I will gather up the school lunch stuff into the boxes with the exception of the PB&J.

Monday morning I will pack the first of many thousands of school lunches that will leave crumbs on my kitchen counter between now and 2025. I will also need to leave the house nearly an hour earlier than normal to accommodate the new work schedule that accommodates the new school schedule and allows me to stay on full-time. Have I ever mentioned that I am NOT in any way a morning person? Well, I’m not. At all.

Hmmm, seems that next week is going all “Henry the Eighth” on me. Crap.

*I won’t actually know the status of these moles, dysplastic or otherwise, until next week. Last time they were “completely normal” so I didn’t get a stamp.

**The kids are not only going to a new school, they will be attending on that is a language immersion program. Soon, they will be able to chat along with each other and Dora, and I will be none the wiser.

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