Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm fine...mostly

Many thanks for the support the other day. I probably made Mr. D sound like a monster, but, to his defense, I really was being a bit of a pain in the butt. I was getting quite overwhelmed with work and ended up taking out my stress on the people closest to me. I know that's totally normal, but I still feel bad for doing it. So, don't send hate vibes to Mr. D. He needs all the help he can get--he's married to me after all. :-)

I was finally able to relax a little (only a little) and so we went on Friday night to see an outdoor concert at a local park. We took a picnic dinner with us, which excited Gabriel to no end (he is lately obsessed with the idea of having picnics). Because I was operating on squishy brain Thursday night, I forgot to buy lunchmeat for sandwiches. So, we had cold sesame noodles and cucumbers. I also brought some little cans of peaches for the kids and some homemade banana muffins for dessert. The kids loved it, although it was a bit messier than I had wanted for an outing. Oh well. We decided when we arrived to sit in the area where most of the families seem to gather. As I sat there and people-watched, I realized that the audience was almost enirely yuppies and hippies (well, old hippies with money- what the heck do you call those?). Everyone (including us) had their dinner packed in a wicker picnic basket. Most people had wine with them (not us- poor planning). And our entire section was chock full of kids and pregnant women (all of whom were wearing black dresses on a really hot day...I was sweating just looking at them).

Because the neighboring blankets were so close, I was able to overhear a lot of conversations, and one comment captured the flavor of the crowd so well that I thought to myself--I must blog this. A young girl asked her mom if she could have some butter on her bread. The mom replied, "Sorry, honey, I didn't bring any butter. Here, have some pate."

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, gotta love those old hippies, pate and all.