Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green Wednesdays

I have decided that I need a bit of structure in the blogginess to keep me posting on a regular basis. And something that has been on my mind a lot more in the last year is being "green." How green am I? What can I do to be a little greener? Is it really making a difference to the planet?

Let me say up front that I am far from the greenest person you will meet. But I'm also not the, um, purplest (what is opposite of green anyway?). It's something I keep in mind, it's something that I'm not radical about, but I do try to take small steps as I can. I think that probably sums up the green state of a lot of people, which is part of why I wanted to share. Maybe one of you will give me a good idea of something else to greenify a piece of my life.

With all of that in mind, I have decided to make Wednesdays a theme day, and green it is. Because Wednesday is green. What? Your days of the week are not colors? No, I'm not synesthesic, I've just always thought of the days of the week as colors. Monday is red, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is green, Thursday is turquoise, and Friday is orange. Saturday is black and Sunday is white. Maybe it has something to do with notebooks in school when I was little. Maybe it was a book I read as a kid. Who knows?

So, I thought I would start with a question. What is your greenest habit? What is your most purple?

Most of my green habits are really little things, so I'm not sure which one is actually the greenest. I'm going to just pick one and say using my own dishes at work. I avoid the disposable plates, cups, and plasticware and just use the "real" thing for meals. And since I eat breakfast and lunch at work, that's more than half of my meals. I'm sure that the water and soap to wash the plates offsets the landfill volume a bit, but I still feel good about it.

My most purple activity has to be the disposable diapers. I thought long and hard about using cloth. And then I took a realistic look at how many hours I work, how many Mr. D works, and realized that we would literally be drowning in dirty diapers and would be miserable. Not to mention that we would likely negate any benefit of using cloth by ordering takeout all the time, spraying nasty chemicals around our house which would be littered with dirty cloth diapers, and going to the store to buy more cloth diapers because we were out and they were all dirty and scattered around the house.

How about you?

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