Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I'm in the middle of work deadlines. Wait; when am I not? Anyway, only time for a quick note today.

First, I reread my review from Monday and realized that I may not have been entirely clear on this fact, but I did like the book. I was in a bit of a mood and was coming down off of a high-carb weekend, so the detox was making me a bit more snarky than usual. I expect that the author appreciates a good bit of snark, but I also wanted to be less obtuse in my review.

Second, I was thrilled to drop another 0.8lb today at my weigh in (see aforementioned high-carb weekend). I was going to mark it a success if did not gain. Losing was just the icing on the cake (mmmmmm, icing).

Third, when you are grocery shopping with your toddler and he says, "Oh, mommy, please buy the mushrooms. They are so delicious," please be warned that your head will explode from the cuteness and you may cause collateral damage (aka, tell everyone in the store what he said).

Finally,...hmmm, I'm out of stuff for the moment. Maybe if I get a full night of sleep (hint, hint you hear me, I said HINT, HINT) I'll have something clever to say.

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