Monday, March 17, 2008

Heartfelt and Heartbreak


My little girl turned six months last Thursday, and she's as pleasant a kid as ever. Everyone who meets her asks if she really smiles like that all the time. And I can truthfully say, yes- she does- unless she's hungry. Then it's all about the food and the food must happen NOW. She is babbling constantly and it ranges from an almost growl to a shriek to a string of syllables that sound exactly like language but with no discernable meaning whatsoever. Yesterday she went for a while saying a two-syllable "word" that sounded exactly like bruh-ver and I decided that she was saying "brother" over and over. Gabe liked that idea. And she is one strong baby. And hungry. Did I mention hungry?

And Gabe is becoming a new child every day with the things he says and does, thus amazing the socks off of me. He'll be three in May and already recognizes written words (not sure if he's technically reading), does 60 piece puzzles with ease and asks for more, and will talk the ear off of anyone in range. That is if you want to hear everything and anything about Th*mas the T*ank Engine or eggs. He is still fascinated about baby birds coming out of eggs and so Easter is just the holiday of all holidays in his book. Eggs? Everywhere? And bunnies? Wow!!!!!!! In fact, today at grandma's house, he decided that the basket full of (non-breakable) eggs was a duck's nest and that he would sit on the nest to hatch the eggs.


On a sad note, I'd like to ask for prayers for my friends D and D. Last June, they adopted a sweet little boy, B, and this weekend he passed away unexpectedly. It turned out he had a medical condition that had escaped detection. Needless to say, D and D are devastated and everyone who knows them is in shock. B was only 9.5 months old. If you could stop for a moment to say a prayer, send a thought, or whatever you might do in such situations, please do. I couldn't make the viewing, and I'm not sure that I would have been strong enough for it anyway, but I have been thinking about them all day and can't wait to leave here and go hug my kids really, really tight.


BrooklynGirl said...

My heart goes out to your friends. How unimaginably awful

midlife mommy said...

Hugs and prayers to your friends. Such a loss is just unthinkable.

On the heartfelt side, I am totally impressed with the 60 piece puzzle accomplishment. WTG Gabe!

Jane said...

Heartfelt -- too sweet. S is very smiley too. Can't wait to see them together when we go to dinner!

Heartbreak -- Prayers to D and D. Can not even imagine.