Friday, October 05, 2007

A Little Behind

I'm getting behind in a lot of things these days, including blogging. I'll catch up eventually, but the combination of nursing all the time and the guilt of copious layers of dirt accumulating in my house tends to keep me away from the computer. Oh, and the dialup. That tends to put a downer on the whole internet experience. Since we both have direct access at work and need little from home, we never bothered with a faster connection. But I'm not going to work for a while...(whine).

Anyway, nothing too earth shattering has been going on around here to report. I broke out of the house for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday. It's not that I couldn't have done it sooner, but the good and bad about where we live is the hills. Good because it makes the landscape beautiful and interesting. Bad because when you are healing from abdominal surgery, you tend to not want to climb steep hills (and you have to climb them in at least one direction unless you are ninety years old and then you climb them in both directions in the snow). So, I had been waiting to test myself. We did a one-mile loop and it was just the right distance and steepness that it was enjoyable but not ass-kicking. Oh, and the other problem is the lack of sidewalks in the suburbs, but that's a whole different matter. But I want to keep moving because I seem to have stopped losing weight and I fear that the sproing! of the weight-loss yo-yo will be kicking in soon. I dipped down to 33 pounds lost and then back slightly to 32 lost. Then I stopped. I've been at that point for a week now, and if I stay there for a few months, that's perfectly peachy with me. My body seems to do well with weight loss when starting from solid plateaus, so I'd like this one to establish itself.

And not to reduce the gravity of the topic by placing it after a report on the size of my butt, but is anyone else just horrified by the amount of lead that is being discovered in our kids' toys? And, of course, a lot of my kids' toys are my old toys, which are not part of the testing process. Who is going to realistically test 30+ year old toys? Right. But how far back are they testing? For instance, there is now a recall on the Baby Einstein blocks, specifically the blue block, for ones sold in the last few months. But what about ones sold 2.5 years ago (like the ones in my house)? I need to call. Or do I just toss the blue block as a precaution? Augh!

Must go nurse...

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Jenn said...

I would toss it, but I'm always paranoid. They said the other night on the news that if parents have any doubts to just get rid of the toy. Makes me wonder why all of us didn't have lead poisoning as kids, I'm sure that no one was testing toys back then.