Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to Baseline?

I was looking through some of the baby pictures the other day and spied this one in the bunch. Mr. D took this right before I got in the car to deliver Gabe to daycare on the 13th before heading over to the hospital for my c-section. (I just loved being able to do that- be a part of Gabe's routine for that day and then see him that night with the new baby. Precious.) Anyway, I saw the picture and immediately burst out with "Oh my gawd- I was HUGE." I don't have immediate access to the picture taken right before I delivered Gabe (it's around here somewhere in the archives...) but trust me when I say that I was not nearly so, well, horizontal. It just surprised me to see my profile.

I am slowly, but surely, reclaiming my body. After Gabe was born, I was so swollen from pitocin that I was actually bigger coming home from the hospital then when I left. I proceeded to lose about 10 pounds and then kinda stopped losing weight. When Gabe turned six months old and decided that he was quite done with nursing thankyouverymuch, I joined Wei*ght Wat*chers and spent the next year losing about 55 pounds. Not too shabby. A couple of months later, I was pregnant, so my body didn't really have a long time to get used to the new weight. Not that I minded in the least.

By the end of this pregnancy, I had gained 44 pounds (belly and feet...and I think 20 pounds was feet). They say that your body will spring back to baseline after you deliver. But what is baseline for me? Pre-WW weight? Pre-pregnancy weight? Something in between? I'm curious. I am waiting a while to be sure that my milk comes in good and strong, and then I plan to start counting "nursing mom" points to get the ball rolling. But imagine my surprise when I got on the scale yesterday out of curiosity to find that I have already dropped 26 pounds! I guess SC really is eating well, because I am certainly not dieting. I'll just keep watching and see where it goes...

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