Thursday, August 31, 2006

100 things

I have enjoyed reading the “100 things” posts on other people’s blogs so much that I have finally decided to create my own. Not sure if it will rank up there as amusing and interesting, but I’m curious to see if I can come up with those 100 things.

1. I am 35 years old.
2. I am finally a mom
3. Which is not something I ever thought I would “finally” want to do
4. Until I met my husband
5. And I couldn’t wait to have a family with him
6. Then we found out we were infertile (unexplained)
7. IVF #1 worked for us
8. Three transferred, one took, one live baby resulted
9. I am very lucky indeed
10. I have a Ph.D. (neuroscience)
11. I work as a writer
12. I am not trained as a writer
13. I hated writing in high school with a passion
14. I mostly write about science
15. Except when I blog
16. I love to sing
17. I am a Sweet Adeline
18. No, I am not 80 years old (see age above)
19. I sing baritone (that part is driving me wiiiiiiiiyyld)
20. Crap, I’m only on #20
21. I like to make quilts
22. I have no time to make quilts (or complete other hobbies)
23. I taught myself to knit two years ago
24. I have completed two scarves (see #22)
25. I make beaded jewelry
26. I have not beaded in a while (see #22)
27. I enjoy hiking
28. Yes, see #22 again
29. I enjoy making complicated desserts like baklava
30. I suck at making cookies
31. I lived in West Lafayette, IN for five years
32. Go Boilers!
33. Then I lived in Los Angeles, CA for six years
34. Go Bruins!
35. Now I am back in my hometown
36. I spent a summer in Austin, TX while in high school
37. I did research for 8 weeks at the university
38. Yes, I am that nerdy
39. And I have never, in my life, seen so many roaches
40. I shivered while writing that one
41. I have an unnatural fear of insects and spiders
42. I’m getting better at not shrieking like a little girl when I see them
43. But I shriek inside
44. I have been to 30 states plus DC
45. My son has already been to 13 states plus DC
46. I did not leave the continent until 2004
47. I went to Italy
48. I want to go back
49. I love coffee
50. I love tea
51. I love the java jive and it loves me
52. I have red hair
53. Yes, it is natural
54. I used to hate it, but now I love it
55. I wish I could wear it very short
56. But I have found a good enough style for now
57. It used to be very, very long
58. My husband loved it, but it gave me a headache
59. Ibuprofen is the only pain killer that works for me
60. It was the thing I missed most when pregnant
61. Ok, except for sushi- I missed that, too
62. I love to play games
63. Current favorite board game: Blockus
64. Current favorite RPG: Hackmaster
65. I hate to gamble
66. But I am in a Powerball pool at work
67. I like medical and criminal TV shows
68. I don’t have cable TV
69. Therefore choices are limited
70. I also love PBS
71. Antiques Roadshow!
72. Britcoms!
73. I love to watch snow falling
74. And then go out walking in it
75. I hate windy days
76. My favorite season is autumn
77. If I had to skip a season? Summer.
78. I can’t take the hot weather
79. Which made living in LA (see #33) a bit of a drag
80. I am definitely a dog person
81. And besides, I am allergic to cats
82. I think that rats make wonderful pets (really!)
83. But I am also allergic to rats (so sad)
84. I am terrible with fish
85. I once killed an entire pond full while housesitting
86. Ooops!
87. I am also bad with plants
88. I have the proverbial “brown thumb”
89. Want me to watch your fish and plants?
90. I didn’t think so
91. I have a tattoo
92. A lizard on my stomach
93. Yes, it hurt
94. No, I don’t regret getting it
95. And it survived the pregnancy- yay!
96. I love 80’s music
97. But I listen to most everything
98. Except rap and country
99. Are you bored now?
100. Me too- let's go have some coffee!

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Berea said...

That was wonderful, Dish! You say lotsa others have been doing this, but I admittedly haven't even looked at a blog until July (and didn't know what one was until Jan. 2006). Therefore, yours was the first I'd ever seen!
It's like a personal poem! There's a rhythm to it that is very engaging (psst, your musical ear is showing...*wink*). And never-you-say, not only was it entertaining, but it gave a wonderful picture of the lady behind the screen. I liked it! :)
See you at Ladies of Hack! Game on!