Monday, May 22, 2006

Pathetic musings (updated)

Why is it that if something a teensy bit odd happens with one of my cycles my first thought is “maybe I’m pregnant?” Haven't I learned that it is just not going to happen without extensive intervention? I have been pregnant once...just once...and have one child. Three years of trying and drugs galore to get that one. Most of the tests indicate that it is a male factor (alhtough we were never anything but "unexplained" on the records), so my body “learning” what it is to be pregnant is not going to solve anything.

So, when I spot a tiny bit yesterday, which is a full week or so before the red ravage is due, why the hell do I torture myself by thinking that it might be implantation bleeding? Why do I play these mind games? WTF??? The RR has been early (even two weeks early) on a few occasions. Honestly, that is a more likely scenario.

I need some chocolate.

Updated to add:
In case you're keeping score at home, it was, in fact, the coming of RR.

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abogada said...

I think chocolate solves just about any problem myself. Warm thoughts coming your way.