Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Momma? Yes. Hot? Well...

In my daily stumble through the blogosphere I discovered that my standing on the blogroll of the lovely Karen has been updated to the category of “Hot Momma.” First of all, I am tickled that she of the unclothen ovary has a link to she of the agar plate. I mean, come on, it’s like having your name show up in the paper and not in the police blotter. But now I am feeling the pressure of being “hot.”

But what is hot, really? Being the left-brained individual that I am, I decided to take a look at ol’ Webster for some advice. Here’s what I found:

Main Entry: hot
Pronunciation: 'hät
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hAt; akin to Old High German heiz hot, Lithuanian kaisti to get hot

So far, I really like the Old English spelling “hAt.” Let’s continue...

Having a relatively high temperature; having heat in a degree exceeding normal body heat

Definitely not. In fact, my normal body temp is only 97. I’m cool, y’all.

Capable of giving a sensation of heat or of burning, searing, or scalding

No, I’ve never caused another human being to experience a burning sensation, if you know what I mean.

Having or causing the sensation of an uncomfortable degree of body heat

Haven’t had a hot flash since my Clomid days- can’t be that.

Suggestive of heat or of burning or glowing objects

Ok, my hair *is* a bright shade of red

Of intense and immediate interest; unusually lucky or favorable; temporarily capable of unusual performance; currently popular or in demand; recently and illegally obtained; electrically energized especially with high voltage

Popular *and* illegal? Nope, I’m well out of high school, thanks.


Well, I was for one day when I had surgery

Stormy; angry; sexy

Now we’re getting closer

Alas, the true meaning remains elusive. Although, many thanks to Karen for thinking that I’m hAt. And Kudos to her and the other gals who made the Best of Blogs book. If it weren’t for the infertile blogosphere, I wouldn’t have made it to Hot Momma status with my sanity intact. You are all queens in my book.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Dishy, that was sooo sweet.


You ARE hot.

Anonymous said...

Um, that was me.

Karen/Naked ovary