Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I blink and another month goes by

Honest to gawd, I keep thinking that I just wrote a post. Must give it time to set for a minute...mustn't write another too hastily...just get some more of that work and life stuff done and then I can write another.

And then I look at the posting date and realize that, yet again, I have let another month slide by in between posts. The funny thing is, I really like posting. I know that I'm not in the "who's who" of blogging, but quite honestly, if I was I don't know how I would keep up with it. Blogging for me is an outlet of a sort, and everyone in this world needs an outlet.

I think the thing that has really been keeping me from being more frequent, interesting, and persistent with my posting is collecting my thoughts into a reasonable format. I have the greatest blog ideas as I am on my way to work, in the shower, or falling asleep. All of those places and times when I don't necessarily have the luxury of jotting down some notes, and even if I do the essence of why the post was important in the first place doesn't make the translation.

So, as soon as I can get a direct line from my brain to the blog, we'll have some great stuff happening around here.

In the meantime, I would like to throw out my thoughts on something of great importance in the world, namely the upcoming season finale of the Apprentice. I don't watch a lot of TV- hell, we don't even have cable- but I really like the Apprentice. Mostly. I absolutely hated all of the candidates from last season, especially the one from my hometown who was the bitchiest little spoiled brat on the planet...but I digress. I have watched most of this season (I can't be bothered to tape TV shows when I'm not home) and have been a lot less dissapointed than I was last season. I am thrilled that the two people I thought were the best candidates are the two going head-to-head this Thursday. And I already have my bet placed (not literally) on what The Donald's "big surprise" will be at the finale. He'll hire them both. Hell, I would. I might be way off, but now you all know what I'll be doing on Thursday at 9pm.

Ok, back to reality.

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