Thursday, October 07, 2010

Whirlwinds R Us

Big news first--Mr. Moo came home from the hospital three days post surgery and hasn't skipped a beat (HA--*beat*) since. In fact, it took all of my energy to keep him from hurting himself as he did have a sternum that had been wired shut and all. But we are past the point in healing where he has any restrictions, and he is proud as punch to show anyone who happens to ask about the surgery his "line."

And thank you to all who sent prayers and good wishes through the whole process, it really meant the world to me.

Now the grand event du jour is that we are actually following through on those big expensive plans that I was musing about a while back. If all goes well, we will have our house on the market by the end of next week. Holy scary (and exciting) as hell Batman. The main tipping point of the whole decision was really the horrific commute that we would be able to cut down tremendously with a relocation. From 2.5 hours RT to more like 30 mins. Yeah. It's really that different. So, I will get 20% of the commuting time for the low low price of only 200% of what our current house is worth. But what's another zero between friends?

I will try to be better about posting so that I can share the whole saga as it unfolds. But for now, I have a big box of toys to sort. And tomorrow I get to ponder yet again what kind of crazy person put all of this crap in our house.

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