Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movin' on Up

So, after a surprisingly short discussion, we have decided that relocating to the other neighborhood appears to be a really good idea. One of the biggest factors is the dramatic reduction in our commute. Less driving = less stress + more time with the kids + more time for life. I will admit that I often find myself having to stop for a moment to work up the fortitude to stomach the commute every day when I pick up the kids at school. Knowing that I would have a 5-10 minute drive (or 15-20 min walk) will do wonders for my evening mood. And, of course, the other important factor is the kids. The new area would be a good one for them, too, in a whole host of ways. True, we love our current home and have finally gotten to know our neighbors, but the lure of walkability (and sidewalks!) is strong.

Of course, all of this means getting our current home ready for market, and I don't think the list of little things ever looks as long as when you know that they must be done and there is a real urgency involved. Given the list and our usual amount of free time, I don't see us being anywhere near ready until at least fall (not ideal, but reality trumps convenience). I think we'll see how it goes.

The other factor in the mix right now is that it appears that Mr. Moo will have to go through fairly major surgery this summer, and I don't see any way that we'll be able to get anything done while he recovers (not complaining, just stating fact).

So, I am at one time enthused about the search, overwhelmed by the selling, and misty about the surgery. That's a whole lot of emotions for the one who usually prides herself on being fairly stoic.

Not sure whether to giggle, hide, or cry.

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