Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Musings

I am completely stoked that I got one of the woot shirts today. It was designed by Wil Wheaton and whispers sweet nothings to the mega-geek-gamer in me.

The school visit yesterday was a bit chaotic, but overall I really liked the place. We're going back on Saturday for the open house and will be turning in our applications. I was on the fence until I found out that Boudica can also go there full days. Yay--reduced morning chaos is wonderful. Now we just have to be admitted to the terribly small student body.

I finally found the list of skills that a child should have when entering kindergarten in our school district. Mr. Moo is at or beyond all of them (at age 3.5) except for using the potty (still working on it...I think Boudica will get there first at this rate). So, while my head reels at the thought of paying a lot for private school, I love that we might be able to offer him a chance to maintain his innate curiosity and academic drive. That whole spelling words and reading thing he's doing now? That was all a result of him really wanting to do it--we didn't direct him there at all (although we are now following his lead in that direction).

I love the new coffee cup that I stole from Mr. D. :-)

I need to get back on my treadmill...winter weight is creeping.

I'm trying to tweet more--didn't know I was on there, did you?

I completely love my new winter coat and my new rainboots. Unfortunately, they don't even closely match each other. Is it terrible that I really don't care?

My brain is empty now--back to work!


Ollie said...

How did I not know about those shirts?

disa said...
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