Monday, December 08, 2008

Gigs N'at

I'm back from my turkey-induced coma for about five minutes while my brain rests from grant editing. You may have noticed a new, shiny button in the sidebar. I have picked up a new blogging gig where I actually get paid to tell people what I think. Who agreed to that? Just kidding. I am serving as the Savvy Source city editor for my hometown, which has been great and slightly unnerving. The great part is that I love to tell people about the place I call home and about all the fab things you can find here. It is also focused at the preschool set and with two kids, I am definitely qualified. No self-doubt from this mommy blogger. The slightly unnerving part is that in order to tell you all about the gig, I have to reveal my location. I know I could have kept a psudonym or not told you about the new blog (but I totally love it and it's cool and all), but I think most of you who actually stop by to see what's going on in the Dish know where I live. So, it's not all that scary I suppose (lifts veil of anonymity). I'm still going to blog here as Jenn (dish), because that's who I am when I'm here, but if you decide to check out the other site, you'll get the (dun, dun, DUUUUUUUUN) rest of the story.

Of course, I also have the Savvy gig linked back to this blog because it seems natural to share and all the other Savvy moms were doing it and, well, I just did. I did a quick read to make sure I didn't rant about anyone (didn't find anything) but have decided to go back through all of my old posts and make my kids anonymous in name. Given that the other blog has been around for a month (sorry--slow on the draw around here), it's a bit of the ol' cow and barn door thing. But I also have little if any traffic at the new site (yet...yet...), so I think I'm ok. But, for those who have been around here a while, I will now refer to my son as Mr. Moo and my daughter as Boudica. It's just what we call them to be funny--Mr. Moo is not particularly into cows, it just became a name. Boudica has its history in the fact that she is a little warrior princess with Celtic roots (via mommy), so it seemed appropriate.

Anyway, if you feel like stopping by the new place, I'll see you there. But I'll still be here as (in)frequently as ever. You can't get me to stop spewing to the internets that easily. Hah.

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