Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

I am back from holiday and am trying to catch up on all of the little things that seem to pile up while one is away. However, I did not want to pass up a chance to wish everyone well for 2007. I have a bunch of things on my plate for this year, and I'll be writing about most of them soon but for today I must keep it brief. I will, however, give you a snippet of recent conversations with Gabe:

Gabe: Beads! (referring to my necklace)
Me: Yes, mommy is wearing beads.
G: Nice.
M: Thank you, sweetie!
G: Welcome.
(my heart melted at this point)

Waiting for my husband on the steps of the daycare...
G: All done.
M: All done with what, honey? (fearing the answer to be poo)
G: Sit.
(I liked the "all done sit" versus "go now" structure of the thought...)

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