Monday, December 04, 2006

Long overdue update

Thank you to Tinker for reminding me that I did not include a promised update following my trip to the RE. Bad, bad dish.

The trip was wholly uneventful, to be honest. The RE asked a bunch of stuff about my last pregnancy, which was, overall, very smooth. I really only had problems at delivery and those have healed plague my nightmares make life a living hell become tolerable to a degree. The only real change he anticipates from the last round (and this conclusion is, of course, pending test results that don't reveal that I am even more broken) is that he will double my stim meds because I was a poor responder the last time (only 6 follicles, 5 eggs retrieved, 4 mature) and I have reached the dreaded "35 years of age and you are an old bag" landmark.

The timeline becomes somewhat tricky as I must juggle between trying to make it work regardless of what the world is throwing at me and planning around major work events. The compromise is that if the stars align and we find that something like sex can get your pregnant (I know, laughable) then so be it. In the meantime, we will also start updating our test results in January and plan for an April or May round of IVF. Basically, if I push it off until then I get two bonuses of the winter break from the University. I get to first, be paid for the time off (a good thing because the maternity leave is not paid) and if we go with the latter month, I get a long week off right before the end of the pregnancy. I'll take that.

Of course, when I got home from the appointment that day there was a letter in the mail from our adoption agency asking for additional paperwork. I can either assume that they are updating their files or that a match is pending. I am guessing the former. But, who knows, life can be kooky.

That's my story, what's up with you?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Dish. I'll certainly be hanging out waiting to see how things go.
All the best!