Friday, June 09, 2006

What a S-Tori

Blogger has been down (bastards!) so I am only now able to write a post to congratulate Cecily and Charlie on the birth of Tori Anne! If you have never read their blogs, go do it now. Their ride on the infertility roller coaster has been a real doozy.

I remember that I was pregnant with Gabriel during Cecily's first pregnancy (I was about 5-6 weeks behind her), and when I read about her losing the twins, I did not spend another moment of my pregnancy relaxing. It was too real, too close to home. She shares so much on her blog that I feel like I know her, even though we've never met. Her loss shook me and her current joy elates me.

Best wishes to the three of them!

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oneoftwo said...

One of the things about blogging our journey of TTC is that we get to share our joys and sorrows. The joys definitely feel better than the sorrows.