Thursday, March 30, 2006

Houston, we have a tooth.

The prize has finally arrived after many months of drool beyond compare, and chewing, and fussing, and pooping. (What? Pooping is not a sign of teething? Then why do you always seem to read how someone's little one had "a big poop" and that's just how they knew a tooth was coming? I figure with all these diapers he's been working on something big.)

Anyway, the great moment of discovery was last night at dinner and of course the first thing we all did was immediately stick our fingers in his mouth to feel the tooth. Boy did THAT go over well (ahem).

I guess we'd better shape up, now that the little bugger can bite.

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abogada said...

Congratulations on the new tooth! For what it's worth, my daughter doesn't like us to feel (or even look at) her teeth when they come in.