Friday, September 16, 2005

Queen of the Bumbo-bees

I am addicted to the concept of getting Gabe a Bumbo seat because he is chomping at the bit to sit up on his own. Pair that with the knowledge that I can get free shipping by ordering three, and you create a monster. I have been bugging all of my new-mommy friends to get one with me. I'm up to four!

Yes, I am just a WEE bit too excited about this.

I'm ordering the lime green one, in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE, someone order a Bumbo for my Bimbo! ..A
PS. Bimbo is short for Baby in Italian :)

dish said...

My husband thinks he is terribly funny. Ha. Bumbo ordering in progress...let the bimbo sit!
(he didn't add that it is pronounced "beem-bo," so as not to be confused with the not-so-endearing term for loose ladies.